Thursday, July 16, 2009

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Monthly Themes
Each month the LBP Newsletter will be inspired by a theme. I encourage all of you to participate and be open-minded! Some will be very closely food related and others not so much…but in the end we’ll make them all connect to what we eat. That’s the fun with themes! You’ll see. Sometimes I use themes to get a special projet done too.

To see upcoming themes click here.

Monthly Foodie Calendar
Each newsletter I’ll send you a link to a .jpg of that month’s calendar featuring artwork from The Lunch Box Project. Just print it out and pop it on your refrigerator or office cubical. Make sure you use recycled paper.

Here is an example for you to try...please download here.

Food Art
I'm not the only one that loves to paint food. There are many fabulous food artists that I must share. If you create food art,
please let me know!

contact me with all your fabulous ideas!!

Please visit The Lunch Box Project before heading out.
Thanks for the nice break and don’t forget to clean up!

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  1. I just love this! You're artwork is beautiful!

  2. This is so cool Lisa!

    How about some gluten free things!

    Signed up and thank you!

    Going to place this on my blog!

  3. I must say, you are awesome!

  4. so glad i found you today i love your art....following on facebook and subscirbed